How Long Do Orchids Live?

How long Do Orchids Live?

Some growers have orchids that have lived for 30-50 years!

With proper care and attention orchids are near immortal. That is one of the great thing about growing these and other slow growing plants! Because they can live so long, and most people don’t start collections until later on many of the oldest plants living in personal collections are 30-50 years or older.

Orchids live for longer that people who grow them!

Because they can outlive their human companions, and it is very hard to determine age of living plants in the field, botanical gardens are logically where the oldest known specimens can be found. Even in this setting it is hard to know exactly when plants made there way to the garden or if the remaining plants are divisions of original collection. There are orchids in botanical gardens that are from original collections during the 1800s!!

California carnivores orchid

Orchid at California Carnivores in Sebastopol, California


How long orchids have lived for in the news!

According to a reporter in singapore, the singapore botanic gardens house the World’s oldest orchid? this tiger orchid is native to Singapore and alledged to have been planted by Lawrence Nevin in the same spot in 1860!! That was before the civil war in american and James Buchanan was the president honest Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t read his Gettysburg address for 3 more years! That plant has some history.

Orchids have long captivated people for their beauty diversity and long lasting flowers. When your orchid is done blooming that is not the end! They will come back and can rebloom for years to come.

How long will your orchid live for you?

Needless to say if you don’t kill it your orchid you can find out how long orchids live for you, With proper care and attention orchids will outlive you no problem. If you need advice on how to care for your orchids you can find it here..

Brian - March 13, 2016

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