Nepenthes eymae

Nepenthes eymae

Nepenthes eymae Sulawesi

1000-2000m (3,281-6,562ft) above sea level

Nepenthes eymae is widespread throughout Sulawesi and highly variable. It’s well known for having highly distinct upper and lower pitchers. All my plants are small so not yet showing upper pitchers.

Some place eymae as an extreme variation of Nepenthes maxima, others contend that introgression from maxima causes hybrids to exhibit the less dramatic upper pitchers.

Nepenthes eymae “Lumut” BE-3660 from Borneo exotics. From previous history they have sold maxima as eymae so many are skeptical this is the “real” eymae.

Due to inaccessibility of most locations it’s not been well studied in the wild from what I’ve seen. Will be interesting to see how genetics places the relationship. So far it’s hard to say exactly how they differ from lower pitchers, and everyone grows them for uppers so time will tell.

I also grow many different seed grown plants from Tambusisi and Bulan Sulawesi. These forms are definitely have a lot of more veitchii features being more hirsute and the leaves are more truncate vs the the BE & Lumut eymae I’ve seen.

CultivationEasy intermediate mostly grows similar to maxima
ElevationIntermediate/Highland 1000-2000m ASL
AvailabilityExpensive, can be hard to find “real” eymae. No TC w/ confirmed “eymae” upper pitchers yet. AW appear to be the most hirsute & truncate .

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