Nepenthes “Hamcantleyi” (hamata x robcantleyi)

Nepenthes “Hamcantleyi” (hamata x robcantleyi)

Asian Pitchers plant hybrids: Borneo Exotics Hybrid BE-3755

 Highland: Hybrid of highland and intermediate

Nepenthes hamata x robcantleyi , is a new hybrid from Borneo Exotics. Introduced in 2017. Both hamata & robcantleyi are iconic species and make great hybrids. The inverse cross was absolutely spectacular and this seem to be just a little bit better in coloration and teeth!

N. hamata x robcantleyi growing w/ natural light on windowsill August 2020
N. hamata x robcantleyi windowsill plant August 2020

Most Nepenthes robcantleyi hybrids do attain a great size and grow well in variety of conditions. I grow mine on sunny window that receives morning sun daily.

Nepenthes hamata x robcantleyi Care Notes:

  • Very easy to care for and and robust grower. Both species can be temperamental, but I’ve found most individuals of this cross to grow well as intermediates w/o added humidity.
  • The parent species are found on completely different islands so this is an interesting genetic mix.
  • Because of the pedigree of both parents and spectacular prices are usally high for a hybrid. I expect this will decrease over time as more become available from tissue culture.

Please comment below if you have any experience w/ growing this hybrid.

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