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Nepenthes truncata Cultivation and photos

By Brian / May 19, 2016

Nepenthes truncata Highland/Intermediate/Lowland Pitcher plant species: Mindanao, Philippines Altitude: 0-1500 meters above sea-level (0-4920 feet)   Nepenthes truncata in named for its “truncate” (heart shaped) leaves. The leaves, ease of growth and its giant pitchers make N. truncata a very popular plant in botanical collections N. truncata has been a great beginner windowsill plant, because of its thick leaves it […]


Nepenthes glabrata cultivation notes and care guide

By Brian / May 18, 2016

Nepenthes glabrata in cultivation Asian Pitcher plant species: Sulawesi, Indonesia Elevation: 1600-2100  meters above sea level(~5249-6890 feet)   Nepenthes glabrata is a small growing species found on the island on Sumatra in Indonesia. This species is highly regarded for its small, terrarium friendly size and its beautiful painted pitchers. Nepenthes glabrata is from high elevation in mossy cloud forest and […]