Nepenthes bokorensis cultivation notes and care guide

Nepenthes bokorensis cultivation notes and care guide

Nepenthes bokorensis in cultivation

Asian Pitcher plant species: Bokor plateau, Cambodia

Altitude: 800–1080 meters (2624-3543 feet) above sea level

Nepenthes bokorensis seed grown from Christian Klein 2017

Nepenthes bokorensis CK November 2020

N. bokorensis from Exotica Plants with very different pitcher shape. (July 2017)

Nepenthes bokorensis EP Halloween 2020

Nepenthes bokorensis is a recently described species from Cambodia. Although collected by botanists as early as 1904, it was mistakenly identified as the closely related N. thorelii. It was recently described with help from François Sockhom Mey. For awesome photos of N. bokorensis in situation I recommend reading François’s blog post about his visit back to the habitat in 2017,

This species has been extremely easy going and it did not take anytime to settle in. This species was especially appealing to me because of it’s adaptation to survive after fire. Something I can relate too.

If anyone has experience with N. bokorensis you can share please let me know in the comments below!

Nepenthes bokorensis Cultivation and Care Notes

  • Easy grower, had 4 pitchers when I got it and hasn’t dropped any with acclimation to my low humidity conditions.
  • Is a pyrophytic species with specialized roots to survive fires in the wild.
  • I have seen seed grown available from Christian Klein and Exotica plants. Borne exotics has clones in TC.
  • Seems to be threatened by development in the wild. New populations have been discovered, but definitely concerning.
  • Has no problems growing happily in intermediate with days around 90F (32C) and nights around 65F (18C) and household humidity.

More information available at Nepenthes bokorensis wiki 

If you want to learn more about cultivation of carnivorous plants, I highly recommend the comprehensive grow guide The Savage Garden, Revised: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants by Peter D,Amato. It is very easy to follow and reference and contains pictures and cultivation techniques for every genus of carnivorous plants.

If you want to learn more about Nepenthes  or other pitcher plants, and see pictures of these spectacular species in the wild, I highly recommend reading Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume One and Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume Two

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