Quarry Hill Botanical Garden

Quarry Hill Botanical Garden

Quary Hill Botanical Garden is an awesome little place, ““Sonoma’s Hidden Gem”, in Glen Ellen California. We’ve been meaning to make it out here and finnaly made a day of it. Found right off of highway 12, there are plenty of places to eat in the area. We had breakfast and headed to the garden.

Self Guided Tour

The Gardens are 25 acres and offer a self-guided tour through the grounds for a reasonable fee of $12 for adults and $8 for children. 

There is almost 3 miles of trail with 19 featured plants marked on the map. 

Beatiful ponds
Japaneese toad lillies in bloom
Two garden lions

We made our way through the gardens in a few hours. The weather was perfect when we were here in September, and there is always another microclimate ahead as you make your way through the tour. 

Photo Highlights

Striking begonias
Cupressus chengiana #16
Many lillies in bloom
Leopard Plant
Begonia grandis ssp. grandis
Trident Maple #11
Dawn redwood unique because i'ts deciduous
Waterfall between the ponds
Huge lilly pads

We will be back and recommend for anone looking for a beatiful day in the area. 

Bamboo finale

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